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HOW DO WE “Get New Customers For You“?

Our Ad Says:

Get New Customers For You

First $100 in Pay Per Clicks Free!

Search Engine Ad Campaign by Expert

The first 20 new customers will each get their first $100 of Google ad clicks free.  This new promotion is compliments of Google each quarter. 

Confused about Adwords:

  • So what is an “Ad Click”?   
  • How does this work?  
  • How do I get more customers?

Below, you will learn:

  • How Adwords Work
  • Our Service To You, and How It Works
  • What Does This Cost?
  • How Quickly Can I Get Started?
  • How Do I Get Started, or Ask More Questions?


How Adwords Work

When someone types in a word or phrase in the Google Search box, that creates a list of matches, which are shown in the pages of listings.  So if you entered “pool supplies”, up pops listings of all the pool supplies and suppliers that have websites or blogs about pool supplies.

There are two areas in the listings shown: 

(1) Across the top ( usually 1, 2 or 3 listings ) and along the right side of the screen ( up to 8 listings ) are listings of “matches” which are actually “ads” for products and services available.  When you “click” on one of these, the advertiser pays a “click fee”.  Also, when you click one of these listings, you are taken to the website page that the advertiser wants you to see, that should be most relevant to your search words (also known as “keywords”).

(2) The left column of listings (below the top 1, 2, or 3 listings), are also “matches” to your search words (keywords), and this area is known as the “organic” (or free) area, meaning that when you click on these listings, the owner or originator of the info shown, does not pay anything for you to click, and then to be taken to read more about the topic you have requested.

The Picture below shows the different areas, beige and blue backgrounds are the Ads. The white background area is the “organic” (or free) area.

Our Service To You, and How It Works

After we have discussed with you what your business and needs are, we create an entire Google Adwords Campaign for you which includes:

  • Creating a Campaign
  • Creating “Ad Groups” (one for each product or service)
  • Create lists of “Keywords” for each Ad Group relevant to that product or service
  • Create 2 or more Ads for each Ad Group
  • Set geography (where you want the ads to show, like in a state, city, or smaller area)
  • Set your Campaign Budget (You decide how much you want to spend each day)
  • Set your Ad Group Click cost (Maximum cost per click you want to spend)
  • Set Timing (when you want your ads to show: days, times)
  • Set the Positioning (where in Google you want your ads to show)

We then monitor your campaign daily, and constantly add or remove keywords, change ads to get the best results, watch your budgets, and make suggestions to you about changing your budget to get increased results, and many more things to keep those new customers coming to your website.

We also report to you regularly on how you are doing, number of clicks you received each week, costs, where your ads have shown (positioning), how many pages each visitor viewed, how long they spent on your website, and much more.

What does this Cost?

The cost of your Google charges (cost of clicks) depends on the budget maximum you set for each day.  If you set a maximum of $10 per day, then your maximum cost for the month would be about $300.  We have clients that spend $5 a day, and some that spend $700 a day.  Results make the difference.  You can change your daily maximum as often as you want.

Our cost to setup and run your campaign are:

  • $350 set-up per campaign (includes up to 10 Ad Groups)
  • $250 per month to daily manage your campaign (includes reporting)
  • No contracts, No minimum time (although we suggest trying at least 3 months)

How Quickly Can I get Started?

Usually as quickly as a few days, or a week.  Depends on the extent of your needs, and assuming you have a good website that is a real selling tool for you.  (We also create websites, very good websites!).

You will start receiving new visitors to your website the first day your campaign gets activated!

If you don’t have a website, then we will need to create one for you first. 

If you have a website that needs improving, we can still start your Adwords campaign and work on your site improvements at the same time.

How Do I Get Started, or Ask More Questions?

Go to Our “Contact Us” page, for phone number, or to send an email:

Click Here:

Jim Schuett, Your Google Adwords Professional

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