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April 30th, 2012 · No Comments

Need Custom Reports for Master Builder?

(Now Sage 100 Contractor)

I specialize in Master Builder Report Writing,
and, for 10 years, have served my clients
from Maine to California, Alaska & Hawaii to Florida. 
If you need to get more infomation out
of your Master Builder software, I can help. 
Take a look in this website at over 200 reports,
which are immediately available, and 1,000 others which
are done, most custom specifically for clients like you.


Also go to for more of my reports.
Contact me through this site’s
Contact Us” or “Do you need a custom report?” Buttons.

Thank you for visiting!

Jim Schuett


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Sage Master Builder Tips and Tricks

November 17th, 2011 · No Comments

Here are some Tip & Tricks that make
Sage Master Builder Easier to Use!


Find Master Builder Data
using the “Wildcard” feature.

In a data field (like part, vendor, job, GL Account, etc), simply enter an asterisk (*) and any characters and/or numbers you are looking for. Use the F4 key to complete the search. The characters and/or numbers you enter can be located anywhere in the data, like “fire” in New York Fire Dept. (enter *fire in the field, then hit F4). This works in most data fields and will show you a list of “matches” to your search. Click on the correct match, and it appears in your selected field.


Just hit the “escape” key 3 times and it shrinks up to show just the 13 main menu categories! I, too, spent time clicking all the “minus” signs to close each menu item, until I learned this tip.


No longer do you need to re-enter your user name and password when changing from company to company (if your user name/password are the same in each company). Just hit the “escape” key when you see the login screen, and it will apply the user/password to the new company. How many times would this have helped (until now)?

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Bottom Line Design Services

October 22nd, 2011 · No Comments

Jim Schuett Designs is Alive
at Bottom-Line Design Services
Giving Your Company NEW LIFE!
If you have been to
searching for a Sage Master Builder (SMB) Custom Report,
or a solution to an SMB question or problem,
you can now reach Jim Schuett and staff through both sites!
All sales will be handled through 
our new, site, and
we will be improving it and
adding more useful info everyday. 
We also have added New Services,
to compliment the entire spectrum
of your company’s needs, like
  • Accounting Services,
  • Website Design,
  • Marketing and Marketing Materials,
  • Company Branding (giving your company a new and complete image on everything you do), and we also are specialists in creating and managing
  • Google Adwords Campaigns for your company, generating
  • New Leads for sustaining and growing your company. 
We do it all, or as much as you want us to.
For our Sage Master Builder Construction Software Clients,
we have 181 Custom Reports on our website to select from,
or just to browse to get an idea about what you need us to create. 
Most of our report writing business is
actually writing new custom reports. 
And we are writing more reports now than ever!

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Jesse T. Barrick – My Great Grandfather

August 19th, 2011 · No Comments

Jesse T. Barrick
My Great Grandfather
Metal of Valor Recipient

The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress, March 3, 1863, has awarded in the name of The Congress the Medal of Honor to:  Jesse T. Barrick
for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty: 
While on a scout captured single-handed 2 desperate Confederate guerrilla officers who were together and well armed at the time.

Rank and organization: Corporal, Company H, 3d Minnesota Infantry
18 January 1841, Columbiana County, Ohio
G.O. No. / Date of issue: 3 March 1917
Other Information (if given):
Place and date: Near Duck River, Tenn., 26 May-2 June 1863. Entered service at: Ft. Snelling, Rice County, Minn.

I was born James Larry Barrick, but was adopted when Mom remarried, so my last name changed to Schuett.

It was about 10 years ago, when I received from my Father (Harry Jesse Barrick) the Metal of Valor he’d kept for years.  Before then, I knew nothing of my great grandfather, and even then, only knew his name, a date, and had the metal. 

Yesterday, I chanced to enter Jesse T Barrick into the internet, and was amazed at all the info now available on him, including his reburial with honors in a National Cemetery.  I was so pleased to have this new info, his story, and pictures of his headstone. 

Thank you all who helped “find” him, and provide him his rightful place among those who also served their country.

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Master Builder Custom Reports Available!

July 23rd, 2011 · No Comments


Hundreds of Custom Reports Available

Over the last 12 years, I have

  • Written over 1,000 custom reports for Master Builder Clients all around the country, and
  • Traveled from Alaska to Georgia teaching and training Master Builder, report writing, and
  • Helping Client Companies get organized, and make the best use of Sage Master Builder software.

More often, I get requests for

  • specific and very unique reporting needs, as well as
  • creating Takeoff Templates in Master Builder from the Client’s spreadsheet
  • One of my online reports, “but add this or tweek that” … which I do
You will find 250 reports on my website in PDF format for viewing, and purchase.
To view the PDF Custom Reports, click:

Or email me at, or
Call 480-277-7550
(I may be with a Client, but will get back to you as quickly as I can)
Thanks … Jim Schuett

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Sage Master Builder Forms & Reports

April 18th, 2010 · No Comments

Jim Schuett
Master Builder Report Writing & Forms Expert, ASKS:

Spending Too Many Hours

Filling Out Forms?

  • Insurance Forms
  • Workers Compensation Forms
  • Certified Payroll Forms
  • Contracts & Subcontracts
  • Union Reports
Don’t spend your valuable time filling out the same forms every week, month, quarter or year.
See Report / Form Samples Below.


Let me help,

by creating your forms in Sage Master Builder software,
so at the click of the button, out they come,
filled out with all the info you need!
  • If the info in is Master Builder, I can pull it out.
  • If the form exists, I can usually duplicate it.
  • All of this, inside Master Builder software’s Report Writer.
Here are just two recent examples:

Contact Jim Schuett at 480-277-7550,
or click here to fill out request:

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Master Builder Report #05-01-06-03 Certified Payroll

February 27th, 2010 · No Comments

New Sage Master Builder Reports by Jim Schuett

Report # 5-1-6-03  DOL Certified Payroll

Save hundreds of hours every year by using this Department of Labor (DOL) format for your Davis-Bacon Certified Reporting requirements.  Enter in the Pay Period Ending date, the Job number, and you are ready to print.  See PDF link below.

05-01-06-03 DOL Certified Payroll Report

05-01-06-03 DOL Certified Payroll Report

To see a PDF:   5-1-6-03 DOL Certified Payroll Report

Cost:  $695

To Order, go to Contact Us and enter request (mention report # 5-1-6-03).

NOTE:  Before delivery of report, confirming/changing correct your company Payroll Calc numbers is required by Jim Schuett. Any additional changes to format may increase cost of report.

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Sage Master Builder Expert “At Your Service”

February 10th, 2010 · No Comments


OUR SERVICES AVAILABLE (See Samples & Details Below)

PR-PROS-Image 5
Want to be able to:
*send a quick email, and get an immediate email response to your question?
*make a quick phone call, and someone “live” answers, who can answer your questions?
Become a subscriber to our “Advisor On Duty” Program.
Here’s how it works:
*Call/Email with questions Monday thru Friday, 7am to 7pm EST
*Get response immediately (no longer than 30 minutes)
*Receive Top Priority on your requests
*Subscribe for a monthly fee of $45
*Purchase at least 2 hours of Pre-Paid Time (at $95/hr)
*Replenish used Pre-Paid Time automatically in 2-hour segments
*Time used for calls, emails, remote sessions, in 15 minute segments
*Use for Master Builder training and report writing, or any of our other Business Services (see below)

Need a new LOGO?
Need to create a new company image?
We can help you!
LOGO Samples:
andrew-avalos sterling

Need a Website, or need to improve your existing Website?
We design, host, and create superior, optimized websites.
Need to be on Page One of Google Search?
We create and manage Your Google Adwords campaigns.
Need other marketing materials created and printed?
We can create your flyers, business cards, banners, embroidered shirts, etc.

Over 1,000 reports written, inside Master Builder, for
*Subcontractors of every kind
*Service Companies
Reports with simple changes, or highly complex to get the info you need!

250 Reports ready for viewing and purchase on this site, go to:

Need a class on Report Writing, or want to learn how to do a great Takeoff in Master Builder?
Contact Jim Schuett for current schedule of classes
Go To “Contact Us”:

PR-PROS-Image 1
Need help getting your business back on track, or taking up to the next level?
Need additional organizational structure?
Need to get your accounting system working right?
We can help you accomplish all these business needs.

Whatever your business needs are, we can help get you there!
Contact Jim Schuett, Your Personal Master Builder AND Business Expert, at 480-277-7550.

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Master Builder Report: Client Info Update

January 24th, 2010 · No Comments

Report 3-1-7-11 Client Info Update

Report 3-1-7-11 Client Info Update

Master Builder Report # 3-1-7-11 Client Info Update

Print & Mail, or Fax Directly From Master Builder to each Client.
Your Fax number is on the bottom for Client to Fax back with updates.

Form automatically fills in the fields with the Client info you have,
making it easy to prepare, and easy for Client to update.

To Purchase ($375), go to “Contact Us” and email me your request.

See “sister” form VENDOR INFO UPDATE
Great for gathering current info on Vendors ($375)
Go To:

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Great Quality Master Builder Reports Every Time!

January 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

Web Graphic-728x90

Great Quality Master Builder Reports Every time!
By Jim Schuett

Below are the points I work by:

1. EASY TO READ - Reports must be easy to read in order to find the vital information quickly, so time isn’t wasted. It is one thing to get alot of information on the page. A whole other thing making that information intuitive, simple and easy on the eyes. Creating great reports is an art, combining organized thinking, space-planning, and proper visual-flow.
We have spent years learning this art to give you reports you love.

2. EXCELLENT KNOWLEDGE OF MASTER BUILDER – Knowing how Master Builder “ticks” is crucial to creating solid working reports. Master Builder is a “Table-Based” software, and these tables are used to create reports. Knowing what tables can work together, even though they are not linked, allows creation of reports that can save the Client thousands of profit dollars. Dont you really want to trust the best?

3. WHAT INFORMATION DO YOU NEED (EVEN IF YOU DON’T KNOW YOU NEED IT)! – Having managed several construction companies over the years, I know what info you need to have available to make those important daily and long-range business decisions, and having worked with you every day for the last 7 years has given me additional insight to your specific needs. Let me use my experience for you.

4. RELENTLESS EFFORT TO SATISFY – Great customer service is easy. Be warm when you talk with a customer, Be informative and helpful each time you talk to your customer. Simple equation really.

I like to take it a step further and am proud of our “Relentless effort to Satisfy” our customers need. Making sure you are extremely happy with the report result is our main concern. We are committed to providing our customers total satisfaction and Top Notch Service each and every time. Guaranteed!

Try us! You will be pleased!
Click Here to Request a Report:

Customer Comments

WOW! Thanks Jim!!!!!!!! I am impressed to say the least! -SD

Thank you so much! These look great. -CR

Thank you for all of your help Jim. I knew if anyone could figure that report out it would be you! I will definitely keep you in mind for future needs. -JB

That is a cool report! -KC

Thank you so much for the reports!! They are a tremendous help! I have several of my jobs balanced out already! Thanks again -DB

Everyone loves the report. So thank you, thank you, thank you. -SW

What an awesome report. I am going to print out a sample an carry it with me to clients. -KC

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Looks great, and thanks for the tip on how to remove dotted lines, I always wondered how. -TE

Great report. What else do you have available. -MJ

You were reading my mind and beat me to the email, thank you so much for the communication. -JD

Thanks so much – This was perfect, and is already in use. I’ll be in touch with other reports and questions shortly. -SP

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