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Great Quality Master Builder Reports Every time!

  Below are the points we work by.

1.  EASY TO READ - Reports must be easy to read in order to find the vital information quickly, so time isn’t wasted. It is one thing to get alot of information on the page. A whole other thing making that information intuitive, simple and easy on the eyes. Creating great reports is an art, combining organized thinking, space-planning, and proper visual-flow.
We have spent years learning this art to give you reports you love. 

2.  EXCELLENT KNOWLEDGE OF MASTER BUILDER - Knowing how Master Builder “ticks” is crucial to creating solid working reports.  Master Builder is a “Table-Based” software, and these tables are used to create reports.  Knowing what tables can work together, even though they are not linked, allows creation of reports that can save the Client thousands of profit dollars. Dont you really want to trust the best?

3.  WHAT INFORMATION DO YOU NEED (EVEN IF YOU DON’T KNOW YOU NEED IT)! - Having managed several construction companies over the years, I know what info you need to have available to make those important daily and long-range business decisions, and having worked with you every day for the last 6 years has given me additional insight to your specific needs.  Let me use my experience for you.

4.  RELENTLESS EFFORT TO SATISFY - Great customer service is easy. Be warm when you talk with a customer, Be informative and helpful each time you talk to your customer. Simple equation really.

We like to take it a step further and we are proud of our "Relentless effort to Satisfy" our customers need. Making sure you are extremely happy with the report result is our main concern. We are committed to providing our customers total satisfaction and Top Notch Service each and every time. Guaranteed! Try us! You will be pleased!

When writing your reports we alway keep the above key points in mind. Ultimately it is our job to make sure that your report helps you in just the right way every time.


Master Builder Reports customer comments

WOW!  Thanks Jim!!!!!!!!  I am impressed to say the least!     -SD 

Thank you so much! These look great.    -CR 

Thank you for all of your help Jim.  I knew if anyone could figure that report out it would be you!   I will definitely keep you in mind for future needs.    -JB 

That is a cool report!    -KC 

Thank you so much for the reports!!    They are a tremendous help!  I have several of my jobs balanced out already!  Thanks again,    -DB 

Everyone loves the report. So thank you, thank you, thank you.    -SW 

What an awesome report.  I am going to print out a sample an carry it with me to clients.    -KC 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Looks great, and thanks for the tip on how to remove dotted lines, I always wondered how.   -TE 

Great report.  What else do you have available.   -MJ 

You were reading my mind and beat me to the email, thank you so much for the communication.   -JD 

Thanks so much - This was perfect, and is already in use. I'll be in touch with other reports and questions shortly.    -SP 


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