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Mormon Products

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If Any of You Lack Wisdom

Created for LDS members to use as gifts to neighbors, friends and family to easily share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Its 36 pages offer thoughts and scriptures from the standard works to present points of the gospel plan to the reader. The last page extends the invitation to ask the giver of the book for more information, if desired. Beautifully designed.

Mormon Home Teacher

Home Teacher’s Fridge Magnet
(& Wallet Card), Laminated

Great tool to help your Home Teaching Families. In their wallet or on the fridge your number is always at hand when they need it.

Show your level of commitment to them right from the start by having this handy visual aid ready for them.

Isn't that what it is really about anyway? Always being there to guide or help them through the tough times or celebrate the good times.

LDS bookmark Develop Character Bookmark

Watch your thoughts they become WORDS
Choose your words they become ACTIONS
Understand your actions they becom HABITS
Study your habits they become CHARACTER
Develop Character it becomes DESTINY

What a powerful daily reminder. Give one to each of your children, your Primary, Young men, Young Women Classes Developing Character is a life long effort…give one to yourself!

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Temple
LDS Themed Photographs

The LDS Temple in Salt lake City at Christmas, 8x10 is just one of the many photos in this series.

Enjoy each of the precious moments and sights caught on film.

LDS Spiritual Religion

My Testimony about my Mormon Faith

I was introduced to the Mormons when I worked for a very kind and gentle architect many years ago (1975). He was a most unique individual, someone the likes of which I had never met. Through curiosity, I occasionally asked him a question or two about his church. He answered them. Because of his example, one day when the Mormon Missionaries (you’ve seen them, white shirts & ties, riding bicycles) knocked at our door, I let them in so I could hear more about their church. In a few short lessons, I learned the answers to some important questions:

Why am I here?
Where am I going?
Why can life be so hard sometimes, and wonderful too?
What happens after death?

…questions that no one else had been able to answer. They asked me to read from “The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ”.

I did, and through quiet and fervent prayer, asking if it was true, the Spirit bore deep and powerful witness to me that it was, and that this was God’s church here on earth.

I was baptized and confirmed, and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost, as my constant companion. That witness, and all else I’ve learned over the years, has grown stronger and stronger as I found that each new thing I learn, like puzzle pieces, fit perfectly into the picture of God’s Plan of Happiness for His children (you and me).

Although life is full of trials and turmoil, the peace and love I receive from Heavenly Father carries me through the difficult times, and provides a foundation of hope and faith in our futures, both here on earth, and beyond. You, too, can have the Spirit whisper the truth to you.

Please feel free to ask me any questions.

Jim Schuett

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