Master Builder Report Tutorials

Master builder Tutorials

Do a quick Company Database Backup

It is occasionally necessary to create a quick backup before performing complex procedures like rebuilding indexes or closing the books. This method should not be used as the normal backup procedure.

To create a quick backup, follow the steps below:
1. Verify that Sage Master Builder is closed on all computers.
2. Browse to the MB7 folder where your data is located.
3. In the MB7 folder, locate the company folder you want to back up.
4. Right-click the company folder and select Properties.
5. On the General tab, next to Contains:, note the number of Files and Folders.
6. Click [Cancel].
7. Right-click the company folder and select Copy.
8. Browse to the location where you want to store the copy of the company folder, for example, the Desktop or My Documents folder. Make sure this is a different location than the original company folder.
9. Select Edit > Paste.
10. This will create a folder with the same name as the original company folder.
11. Right-click the company folder and select Properties. Verify the number of Files and Folders from the noted amounts in step 5 above. The numbers need to be exact. If they are not, delete the incomplete copy and repeat the copy process.
12. Click [Ok] after you have verified the number of Files and Folders.
13. (Optional) Rename the new company folder to signify it is a backup.

Save Master Builder reports to your computer

If you are using a server, then you will want to find the “MB7” folder on the server, as the database is on the server.

There are 2 types of files related with reports:

1. System Reports files – always have a number (like 03010121) for a name. The number matches the menu location of the report,

for example, 03-01-01-21 indicates
Accounts Receivable (3)
Receivable Reports (3-1)
Receivables List (3-1-1)
Job List (3-1-1-21)

2. Report Forms files – are the “forms” the reports are printed on, like System.Report

Save or Copy the files to the correct folder.

Important Note: Be sure to check either your Master Builder menu or the Systems Reports file to see if you have another report with the same number. If so, change the number of one of the reports, otherwise, you may over-write one report when saving or copying the other report.

The same is true of the Report Form, although less common.


Master builder Tips and Tricks

Find Master Builder Data using the "Wildcard" feature.

In a data field (like part, vendor, job, GL Account, etc), simply enter an asterisk (*) and any characters and/or numbers you are looking for. Use the F4 key to complete the search. The characters and/or numbers you enter can be located anywhere in the data, like "fire" in New York Fire Dept. (enter *fire in the field, then hit F4). This works in most data fields and will show you a list of "matches" to your search. Click on the correct match, and it appears in your selected field.


Just hit the “escape” key 3 times and it shrinks up to show just the 13 main menu categories! I, too, spent time clicking all the “minus” signs to close each menu item, until I learned this tip.


No longer do you need to re-enter your user name and password when changing from company to company (if your user name/password are the same in each company). Just hit the “escape” key when you see the login screen, and it will apply the user/password to the new company. How many times would this have helped (until now)?


Log in as supervisor, click in the field and hit F7 key. At the bottom of the new screen you will see “User Description” where you can type in the new name. While you are there, take a look at the other options the F7 screen gives you!

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